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Predator or Prince

How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams, Not Your Nightmares

5.0 / 5 - Fantastic - Genny

“Wow, what an incredible book! A manual for ladies of all walks of life . Awesome . Easy to read and rich in knowledge and wisdom . It’s a must read . Thoroughly enjoyed it !!!”

Mandy Sanghera - International Human Rights Activist

“Abuse is real and it needs to end. There is no place for abuse especially in relationships.
Raising awareness is essential in tackling this issue and other practices that are damaging to women and children. We need to empower and continue educating women and girls.
This is a great book which raises the issues women face by giving them hope to take back control of their lives.”

5.0 / 5 - A journey of insight and hope - I-Kors

“Insightful, punchy but delivered with an expertly light touch. A book I couldn’t put down and once finished want to read again.”

Inspiration behind Predator Or Prince


Written by emotional support specialist Dilys Sillah, based in London


After a rewarding period of working with women, to help inspire fitness and health, Dilys discovered that all too often these women were experiencing more deep-rooted problems as a result of emotionally damaging relationships. However, it wasn’t until Dilys came across a case of a young girl being blamed for her own rape that she was motivated to start working directly with those who had experienced some form of emotional, sexual, or physical abuse. As a result, Dilys founded the charity Who Will Hear My Cry (WWHMC) in 2015 and has since gone on to work with hundreds of women of all ages, and young families, from around the world. Her mission is to empower them with information to; challenge, change and correct ways of thinking that assist in aiding and abetting emotional, mental, and physical abuse.

The vast numbers of women still seeking her counsel, and the alarming statistics continually quoted on domestic violence —Office for National Statistics quoted two women in England and Wales are killed every week by a partner or ex-partner— has prompted Dilys to share her valuable insights in a new guide ‘Predator or Prince’ with one goal – to enable women to identify the warning signs and behaviours in a man BEFORE entering into a relationship, as well as to keep their children safe as they can also suffer if the wrong man enters the home.

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“The more self-assured, secure, comfortable in your own skin, in love with yourself, at peace with your past and present, accepting of your faults… the more you are all these things, the less likely and the less attractive you are to the abuser and the predator.”

Learn More About The Book

Divided into chronological chapters, Dilys introduces the background as to why women can sometimes be more susceptive to an abusive relationship. She explores the psychology of our childhood relationships, and the dynamics of our parents’ relationships, and how these can act as a blueprint for our own future romantic relationships.

Dilys then moves on to a woman’s first love and presents her ‘Chameleon Syndrome’. This, she explains, is the idea that women, to avoid rejection, ‘change our colour’ to meet the emotional needs of our mate instead of determining what we want and who we are in any relationship. As a consequence, women can often lose their identity and self-esteem instead becoming overwhelmed by the needs of her partner and therefore more susceptible to subjugation.

After systematically identifying and explaining these behavioural traits, Dilys concludes her guide with four real-life testimonials from very different women. Brutally honest, each one shares their profound stories of abuse —from how it started, to what they experienced and where they are today — in order to highlight the key lessons espoused by Dilys.

Although keen to recognise that men and boys are victims too, Dilys explains her focus, for now, remains on women as, statistically, they are still more likely to enter into emotionally and psychologically damaging liaisons.

Come and be a part of a great group of women for advice, support, fellowship, sharing stories, laughter, tears, faith and hope.
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Insightful, informative and deeply personal, Predator or Prince offers important guidance to women and young girls from all walks of life in the hope that it will prevent them from entering into abusive relationships.

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