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Inspirational Emotional Wellbeing Coach in Greater London

Dilys hasn’t always been about the serious stuff. When she was growing up her first love wasn’t to be a singer like everyone thought, she wanted to be a stand-up comedian and impersonator!

The fourth of five children born to Ghanaian parents, she was the one that constantly kept the family entertained and embarrassed all at the same time by mimicking every accent she could pick up whilst out shopping with her mum, as young as age four.

She was always the one people would gravitate to as a child if they needed a laugh and, as an adult, this doesn’t seem to have changed much. It’s no wonder Dilys has ended up throwing in some extras by still giving the laughs but offering a shoulder to many who have had life experiences that have changed their life’s course.

Dilys has worked with an array of women over the years and has always had a bug bear about why so many women and girls, who are smart and beautiful with oh so much to offer, end up in relationships that cause so much damage to them emotionally, mentally, physically and sometimes even financially.

Dilys felt she’d found the key as to why this kept on happening and that was because she believed that women just hadn’t eaten from the Tree of Knowledge! They were making all these mistakes and making all these bad choices because nobody had really told them what to look out for and what to avoid.

Dilys’ debut book, Predator or Prince is the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge that she’s offering womankind to keep them and their children safe from dangerous relationships, and to help them present the best version of their emotional selves to a potential love interest.

Dilys Sillah is the founder of a charity called ‘Who Will Hear My Cry’ (WWHMC), a charity that raises awareness of rape, child abuse and domestic violence in England and in Ghana.

She is also a singer, transformational life and relationship coach, TEDx speaker and a keen women and children’s advocate.

Click here to listen to Dilys’s TEDx Talk.

Dilys lives in London with her husband Eddie and two children. Get in touch with Dilys today to see how she can help you.

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