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Emotional Independence Coach Specialising in Emotional Wellbeing Coaching in Greater London

To Build. To Empower. To Transform.

It’s so normal not to have all the answers and solutions to the problems we face, or have the know-how to manage and have the final say over the challenges we encounter in love, life, and our careers.

Life cannot ever be a one size fits all. We all come from a place of varying complexities that we either want to work through voluntarily or are forced to.

Our circumstances or experiences may bring us to a place where we can no longer hide from facing these issues head on; this is where my work becomes relevant to your life and why I have chosen to work in the area of ‘emotional independence’.

Emotional independence is simply: The ability to show up with confidence and soundness of mind to be able to make assessments and decisions about your life by thinking clearly, methodically, logically and with balance instead of being led solely by your emotions or negative experiences.

Considering our lives are made up of marriage, careers, relationships, family, business and whatever else, the importance of being able to function with emotional independence is crucial in being able to have the level of calm and peace necessary to do this thing called life successfully, and confidently – knowing that the decisions we make are well thought out and serve us without guilt or second guessing what we’ve decided to do or say.

One of the most powerful places to be in our existence is where we are leaders in the decisions we make, as opposed to being led by the external factors and occurrences in our lives.

My clients work with me because I allow them to tell their own story without judgement, prejudice or interruption.

I must confess, I am selective in who I choose to work with.

Are you ready for change? Are you ready to WORK at facilitating that change? Because ultimately you determine the level of success in the area you’ve chosen to rule – I am the one that will guide, support and help you to recognise what you’re capable of, but the work – that’s all you.

I work with clients in any area that is presented because there is no area that doesn’t involve the mind or emotions. Why not contact me to talk things through?

Additional Areas of Coaching

Relationship/Couples Coaching: Let me help you hear each other. Allow me to help you translate your thoughts sensitively and convey them so they are heard as intended.

Young People: As the founder of the charity, ‘Who Will Hear My Cry’, a lot of my work is also around young people.

I work with young people and families to help facilitate good communication, boundaries, and responsibilities. I do this especially for families with teenagers where things may be contentious or volatile, when trying to look out for a young adult who isn’t as aware of the world as they think – or where both teen and parents don’t feel they’re being heard and able to communicate positively and respectfully.

My Offer

All coaching that is offered covers a three, six and twelve session bespoke programme with 24/7 access to me.

I also offer a one day intensive coaching session for clients from 10am to 5pm. During our consultation, we can decide if this will suit the area of challenge you’re presenting.

The sensitivity, value, and respect I bring to all my clients is why I am able to help change their lives in the most profound way, and give them their ‘Ah ha!’ moment.

Potential clients are able to book a one-hour free, no obligation consultation with me, where we can explore some of the areas you want to work on.

Do not be surprised if you find some insightful revelations about yourself within this hour – stranger things have happened!

With your commitment to change and wanting to be the best version of yourself, your family or within your career – I’m ready to get to work when you are.

Book me, Dilys Sillah to speak at your event:

As an activist for the rights of women and children, I have found my voice championing associated causes for quite some time both in the UK and abroad.

One of the highlights of my speaking career was delivering a Ted Talk in Accra, Ghana on a topic particularly close to my heart and that is gender-based violence.

A secret passion to be an impersonator and stand-up comedian has been a great asset when I speak, sometimes to bring a little light to some dark topics.

My personal triumphs in dealing with family illness and overcoming the dynamics of how I have still been able to manage my life and career has also proved to be of great inspiration to many.

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